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Marshall Biddinger jumped into action when his neighbor came to him for help. Her four dogs were trapped in her backyard, under attack from a massive swarm of bees.
An indispensable guide to welcoming children?from babies to teens?to a lifelong love of reading, written by Pamela Paul and Maria Russo, editors of The New York Times Book Review. ? Do you remember your first visit to where the wild things are? How about curling up for hours on end to discover the secret of the Sorcerer?s Stone? Combining clear, practical advice with inspiration, wisdom, tips, and curated reading lists, How to Raise a Reader shows you how to instill the joy and time-stopping pleasure of reading. ? Divided into four sections, from baby through teen, and each illustrated by a different artist, this book offers something useful on every page, whether it?s how to develop rituals around reading or build a family library, or ways to engage a reluctant reader. A fifth section, ?More Books to Love: By Theme and Reading Level,? is chockful of expert recommendations. Throughout, the authors debunk common myths, assuage parental fears, and deliver invaluable lessons in a positive and easy-to-act-on way. ? Learn the basics of Beekeeping. This is Beekeeping For Dummies! Keith Gilberts’ book, “Beekeeping For Beginners” has everything you ever need to know about Beekeeping! Have fun and enjoy fresh-home harvested honey

Getting the last remnants of the swarm into the empty Eno Commons hive. These last critters need to be convinced to try cohousing in this North Carolina suburb!

Have you notied the explosion of beekeepers in urban areas in recent years?, It will do wonders for your garden and anytime it’s around time to get started you don’t even have to commit to a full hive.

News 4 St. Louis Meteorologist Kristen Cornett shows you how to “Go Green”


“Parents . . . you will be wowed and awed by [Dr. Shefali].” –Oprah WinfreyAs seen on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday, a radically transformative plan that shows parents how to raise children to be their best, truest selves,
from the New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent.
What if…?What if I told you that you can put an end to all of your parenting struggles?That you can learn to parent without fear or anxiety?That you can end conflict with your children?That you can create close and connected relationships within your family?…Would you accept this invitation to a revolution in parenting?We all have the capacity to raise children who are highly resilient and emotionally connected. However, many of us are unable to because we are blinded by modern misconceptions of parenting and our own inner limitations. In The Awakened Family, I show you how you can cultivate a relationship with your children so they can thrive; moreover, you can be transformed to a state of greater calm, compassion and wisdom as well.This book will take you on a journey to transcending your fears and illusions around parenting and help you become the parent you always wanted to be: fully present and conscious. It will arm you with practical, hands-on strategies and real-life examples from my experience as a parent and clinical psychologist that show the extraordinary power of being a conscious parent.Everyone in your family is ready to be awakened.Will you take this journey with me?–Shefali For Trial
In this practical, eye-opening and action-oriented book, Nina Garcia explains how to use connection to raise well-behaved kids and strengthen your parent-child relationship.You’ll learn: – How to diffuse and prevent tantrums and outbursts – How to better communicate with your child – Practical advice on structuring your day around routines – The secret to starting your day off right with your child – How to parent calmly and not lose your temper – And so much more…Maybe you’re fed up with your child’s outbursts and wonder how many tantrums are too many. Or you want to address his behavior with empathy and patience rather than through punishment. Perhaps you want to lessen fighting as well as equip your child with the skills to prevent arguments in the first place.You’ve tried time-outs. Counting to three before they’re really in trouble. Maybe you’ve lost your temper. Except nothing is working, at least in the long run. You continue to butt heads-and you’re exhausted with having to deal with yet another day of disciplining.And here’s why: we’ve got this discipline thing all wrong. We assume discipline is about punishment, or we assume it’s what we need to take away from them to curb misbehavior. We mistakenly believe that the main purpose of discipline is to stop tantrums and outbursts at all costs, as quickly as possible.Let’s get to the real definition of discipline: discipline is teaching our kids.Because isn’t that what parenting really is? Your job is to arm them with the skills they need and would serve them well in the future so they grow into kind adults who can regulate emotions or empathize with others. They’ll be adults who treat others with respect and don’t expect the world to bow down to their wishes. The kind of person you’d want your child to eventually grow up to be.With each outburst comes the opportunity to help them develop these skills. They learn more about their feelings and appropriate ways to express them. A child who can articulate “mad” can identify that emotion and use techniques to convey frustration. So that next time, there won’t be a tantrum to get their point across but rather a more mature discussion or a different way to control their temper.And the best way to discipline is through connection. As ironic as it sounds, we need to connect with our kids when they’re acting up. The times when they’re most unpleasant are when they need us the most. Connection works to prevent outbursts as well as better handle them when they inevitably happen.This doesn’t mean you’ll be permissive. You still need to enforce limits and set boundaries. You won’t let your child continue to jump on the couch or color on the walls when he’s not allowed to. But you focus on what you want your child to learn from the incident rather than only making sure he doesn’t do it again. Because yes, it’s important your child stops coloring the walls. But it’s equally important for him to develop the skills to communicate and make better decisions. You don’t accept the behavior, but you are there to guide him through it.This book provides you with the tools you need to handle conflict as you see fit. What worked one day may not work the next. And what worked for your first child may be ineffective with your second. You don’t have to get it “just right.”Parenting with Purpose is for parents who want to raise their children using intention and mindfulness. Are you ready to raise well-behaved kids and strengthen your relationship with your child? Scroll to the top of the page and get your copy now.
The Beekeeper?s Bible is as much an ultimate guide to the practical essentials of beekeeping as it is a beautiful almanac to be read from cover to cover. Part history book, part handbook, and part cookbook, this illustrated tome covers every facet of the ancient hobby of beekeeping, from how to manage hives safely to harvesting one’s own honey, and ideas for how to use honey and beeswax. Detailed instructions for making candles, furniture polish, beauty products, and nearly 100 honey-themed recipes are included. Fully illustrated with how-to photography and unique etchings, any backyard enthusiast or gardener can confidently dive into beekeeping with this book in hand (or daydream about harvesting their own honey while relaxing in the comfort of an armchair).Praise for The Beekeeper’s Bible:”Jones and Sweeney-Lynch explain the science and society of bees in clear, accessible language. And the recipes are admirably useful: honey scones, honey soap, honey hangover cures. ‘Oh, stuff and fluff,’ as Pooh might say. Dip a paw into this richly satisfying volume and you won’t have to do stoutness exercises.”?-The New York Times? ?Lip-smackin? throughout, The Beekeeper’s Bible is, at its heart, a glorious invitation into the depths of the honeybee hive.? ?Chicago Tribune “An elegant, information-packed addition to the library of the most serious beekeeper.” ?Better Homes & Gardens Country Gardens?An amazing compendium of information, lore, facts, tips, techniques, and benefits of having bees in your life?whether you choose to keep a hive yourself, enjoy the by-products, or just appreciate these wonderful creatures for all that they contribute to our human ecosystem.? ?

Equality in any field of work, but certainly also in Hollywood is a big subject these days