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Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moths can destroy them. Store up treasures in heaven. Well, there is a real moth that attacks the bees in the matrix.

Skep Beekeeping – Spring Work

beekeeping in Ghana 1—wild colonies

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This HD video is an update to my Bees in the ground video.
The bees are in fact Bumble bees, very placid and most unlikely to sting!
Their main job is to pollinate the flowers and collect pollen to feed the young.
They are a social insect and the nest will range from 50 up to 200 bees strong.
In the late Autumn they will all die out leaving only new Queen bee to over winter on her own,
in the early spring she will rise from her slumber and seek out a new location to raise her own brood.

These bees are vital to us but are becoming very rare! they will soon have protected status.

In the video you will also see ants and other small creatures going about their business :-)

If you want to help these creatures then please try and find room in your garden for some of the following flowers!:

Bluebell Bugle
Rosemary Pussy willow
Dead-nettle Flowering currant
Lungwort Winter flowering heather
Aquilegia Foxglove
Laburnum Comfrey
Geranium Lupin
Campanula Monkshood
Ceanothus Birds foot trefoil
Chives Thyme
Cotoneaster Everlasting pea
Honeysuckle Everlasting wallflower
Sage Vipers bugloss
Catmint Lesser knapweed
Buddleia Lavender
Cornflower Rock-rose
Centaurea Scabious
Delphinium Marjoram
Escallonia Sea Holly
Hollyhock Sunflower
Heathers Phacelia tanacetifolia

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PDF The Honey Trail In Pursuit of Liquid Gold and Vanishing Bees Read Online