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July 1/11 Senga’s Vlog How To Raise Mason Bees

an old time bee keeper shows how queen bees can be raised

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It is the end of June in Vancouver and our Mason Bees are still busy pollinating and laying eggs in their houses for the next generation of Mason Bees. Mason Bees are super pollinators in early spring as they can fly in colder, wetter weather than our honey bees. This makes them invaluable for pollinating fruit trees which bloom in April and May. Also Mason Bees do not have the dreaded Varroa mite that are killing the world’s bee colonies. Also they are easy keepers , gentle and make great pets that can coexist very well with children and pets.

Watch my vlog to see how to bring Mason Bees into your garden

Mason Bees are a wonderful way to help your plants and fruit trees by assisting in their pollination. We were lucky to have mason bee expert and owner of Crown Bees, Dave Hunter, stop by and give a seminar on this very subject. For our Plant Farm TV audience, Dave generously stepped in front of the camera to give us six quick tips for successfully raising mason bees. We even get to see some of the cocoons (and some pollen mites… watch out for those!) With these tips, anyone can bring mason bees into their garden!

We have seminars with experts like Dave Hunter every month at The Plant Farm. To see what’s coming up, go to the events page on our website!

We are starting to add western boxes to our hives, which will be the honey that we will hopefully be harvesting in the fall.

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Bees Unlimited, at it again!!… Out in the Rafter Beekeeping Community taking in a Sustainable Honey Harvest from a Giant Honeybee (Apis dorsata) colony in NW Cambodia, not too far from Angkor Wat…
How sweet it is!!