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Apicoltura: piccoli e grandi nuclei; beekeeping; baby fecundador, mini nucleus; bienenzucht.

You got to see the day we picked up bees and learned all about how to install the Nuc hives. Now, this day was the test to see if Espen, The Golden Son Beekeeper, learned what he needed to in order to do this on his own.

Experienced beekeepers…. how did he do?

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As described in the video I am starting a project where I take a camera every time I work on bee stuff so you can see what its like to be a bee keeper and learn as if you where doing it yourself, or at least closer to that than just reading about it or taking a class where you are hit with a huge amount of information all at once and then promptly forget it.
I do know quite a lot but I don’t claim to know everything and I guarantee that I will be learning things even as I am filming but isn’t that part of the fun?
I want to be very honest so I will do minimal editing and so probably some of the time the videos will be boring or rough; but I hope to get better as I go.

for the year I am thinking March 1st 2013 (day this video was made) to March 1st 2014

if you have any suggestions I am always open to trying new things or just helping facilitate experiments, so please leave comments.

Here is an idea that will prevent and Eliminate Winter Losses. It Will Keep the bees fed, warm, and happy during those cold winter days.

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Download Zoom: How Everything Moves: From Atoms and Galaxies to Blizzards and Bees Ebook Online

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Download Zoom: How Everything Moves: From Atoms and Galaxies to Blizzards and Bees Read Online

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[PDF] Overcoming Animal and Insect Phobias: How to Conquer Fear of Dogs Snakes Rodents Bees

Learn how to keep bees using natural, nontoxic methods, and without using any of the standard chemicals. What is the difference between honey, pollen, nectar, and bee bread? Jen Rasmussen explains how she controls small hive beetles and varroa mites in her hives. A talk from the East Side Seed Exchange, 2013, Big Island, Hawaii.

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