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Bees and Honey / Как пчелки носят мед

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There’s more than Gardens, Orchards, Chickens, Ducks and Goats on the Daddykirbs Farm!

Espen (15 years old), the Golden Son Beekeeper, has started his first inspection of the two hives that he recently installed. He has spent a lot of hours reading and watching videos about Beekeeping, but nothing teaches better than doing! Follow along with him as he steps through this first inspection. Along the way you get to see two beautiful Queens. One is a Russian Hybrid and the other is Italian. It’s amazing how different they look!


#growreallife is my hashtag to connect people interested in Growing Real Life. This is a bit of a double meaning. Growing Real means following the patterns of nature. Real Life is developed fully in our gardens and our souls when we pattern ourselves in harmony with nature. Grow with me.


Natural Beekeeping by Michael Bush
recorded by Larry Carbaugh
Olympia, WA
Oct 25 2014.

The Practical Beekeeper
Beekeeping Naturally

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