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A beekeeping course could be helpful when beginning beekeeping. For more about these 3 things, Watch This Video.

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Is it possible to do city beekeeping? Please watch this video for an answer.

Then, for a FREE video/email mini course on beekeeping please go to:

Here are some great tips in setting up an inexpensive honey bee apiary. I also talk about beekeeping terminology.

TIP: “Nuc” is short for “nucleus”. A honey bee nuc is a small but complete bee colony. It consists of a laying queen, two to ten frames of pulled comb containing eggs, larvae, working bees and drone bees.

TIP: Protect the apiary (beehives) from strong winds.

TIP: Face the hive opening to the East.

TIP: Level the hive from side to side so the bees will make straight comb, especially if you are using foundation less frames.

TIP: Leave enough room between boxes for another hive or just for working room so you don’t have to put things on the ground when working the hive.

TIP: Bees like two to six feet of open area in front of their hive to enter and leave the hive. It takes very little space to keep honey bees.

TIP: Skunks and raccoons will tip over or open a hive and completely destroy all comb in one night. If you have critters in your area prepare for them.

TIP: Ensure you have space behind the hives to work. I recommend no less than three feet.

TIP: There are many reasons a hive may seem “mean”. It could be windy, cold or cloudy causing the majority of the bees to be in the hive.

You could be working the hive too early or too late in the day when the majority of bees are present.

They could be queen less or the queen just has an “aggressive” temperament that is passed onto the colony.

Some varieties of honey bees are more aggressive than others. Typically, Italian bees are less aggressive and Russian bees more aggressive (protective).

TIP: “Pulled comb” is when the worker bees make the wax cells for storing food or for raising brood (baby bees).

TIP: A “box” of bees is about 2 pounds of worker bees and a queen. This is usually sent via the mail to the beekeeper.

The queen bee may or may not be fertile.

The queen was placed in a cage inside the box with the bees but has not worked with them building a hive. No frames come with a box of bees.

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