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Beekeeping is enjoyable and satisfying, whether you’re a professional or a novice. With a bit of ingenuity and a little knowledge, anyone can successfully raise honey bees. Learn how to set up and maintain your own honey bee colony from Keith Delaplane, Ph.D., one of the nation’s foremost entomologists as he guides you through each step, from buying tools and selecting healthy bees, to harvesting and selling honey.

Content Sections:
A Year in the Life of an Apiary
Bee Biology and Equipment
Receiving and Installing Package Bees
Releasing Queens
Releasing queens and stings
Things are buzzin
The brood nest
Our growing hives
Migrating our hives
Queen Rearing
Package production beekeeping associations
Diseases and pests
Chalkbrood sacbrood moths tracheal mites
Varroa mites and queenlessness
Its Harvest Time
Extracting honey
Packaging and selling honey
Commercial honey processing
Overwintering hives
Overwintering and one story hives
Second season management
Fall management

About the Sections:
1. Introduction
A Brief History
Building Supers and Frames
Preparing Food Supplements and Medications
2. In the Beginning
Bee Biology and Equipment
Receiving and Installing Bees
Releasing Queens
3. Things are Buzzing
Things are Buzzin
The Brood Nest
Our Growing Hives
Migrating our Hives
4. A Mid-season Break
Queen Rearing
Package Production, Beekeeping Associations, Books and Periodicals
Part II
5. Diseases and Pests
Diseases and Pests
Chalbrood, Sacbrood, Moths, Tracheal Mites
Varroa Mites and Queenlessness
6. It’s Harvest Time
It’s Harvest Time
Extracting Honey
Packaging and Selling Honey
Commercial Honey Processing
7. Rounding Out the Year
Overwintering Hives
Overwintering and One Story Hives
Second Season Management
Fall Management

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Download How to Raise Backyard Honey Bees: The Complete Guide to Beekeeping from Setting up

Are you ready to learn to graft queen bees? Having the ability to raise your own queen honey bees is rewarding in many ways.
-Saves money ( Queens cost roughly $25 each when purchased)
-Self Sufficiency ( No longer rely on other beekeepers stock)
-Working with nature

In this video I show all the steps to raising your own queen bees.

As a beekeeper you know that the queen is the heart of the colony. You also know that without her the colony will fail. Now think about the price of each queen you have purchased in the past. Now don’t you think it’s time to learn to raise your own?

So sit back and learn to raise your own queen here today.

Go here for a *New and Improved Queen Rearing Calendar Generator*

Here is my video on adding queen cells to nucs.

Please watch: “
Caging A Queen Bee


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PDF Asian Honey Bees: Biology Conservation and Human Interactions with a foreword by Thomas

Ben and Holly learn all about where honey comes from. The Wise Old Elf impersonates the queen bee, and unfortunately ends up in only his underwear.

Bee hunting with Dr Thomas Seeley and Megan Denver.

For more information on bee hunting, check out Tom’s new book Following the Wild Bees by Princeton University Press. Here’s a link to order the book:

For more information about Tom’s upcoming talks check out

The 2016 Beekeeping season is officially started on the Daddykirbs Farm! The Golden Son Beekeeper and I made a drive about 3.5 hours north of us to meet a beekeeper friend to get some nuc hives. He was very kind to prepare 4 nucs for us out of his own apiary. We met in a very windy parking lot where we wrapped the hives in mesh laundry bags to keep the bees contained for the ride home. the drive was uneventful… No crazy bee swarm induced car wrecks, Yay!

When we arrived home there was still a little daylight so we worked to get some of the nucs installed. The bees were insanely angry and we were losing daylight fast so we didn’t get them all installed and certainly didn’t get very much usable video.

Most of this video was shot the next day when things were a little more calm. I hope you enjoy this time that you spend with us!

Beekeeping, as with most projects on the farm, is a journey. We are in our 5th season, but we are still very much learning how be beekeepers. This season I feel a little more confident than last season. Every time we do something new and spend money to continue this experiment I wonder if we are making a mistake. No, not a mistake for the bees. I’m glad to help be a part of the efforts to save the bees. The mistake I’m talking about is making another project on the farm. This project will take my time and my money. Over time we will have to learn to trim some of the projects on the farm so we can focus on those that make our farm productive and enjoyable. For this season… beekeeping made the cut. We are at it for another year and ramping up our efforts.


#growreallife is my hashtag to connect people interested in Growing Real Life. This is a bit of a double meaning. Growing Real means following the patterns of nature. Real Life is developed fully in our gardens and our souls when we pattern ourselves in harmony with nature. Grow with me.


Swarm Returns to Original Hive; I was asked by a documentary company to make a high def video of a swarm departing, the queen, the swarm in swarm mode and the arrival of the swarm at the new residence… In the process of making this video, I discovered that by re-routing the Queen, the workers will, in her absence, return to the original colony location… how NOT to lose your valuable worker bees. Learn to Raise Chickens, please follow this link:

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Download How to Raise Backyard Honey Bees: The Complete Guide to Beekeeping from Setting up

When raising Honeybees you need to check on the bees and the beehive during the winter. Part of our beginning beekeeping how to videos, here we check on a hive after a winter snowstorm.

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