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Tom, a Discovery Ranger for Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, came across an angry swarm of bees on a car. He wanted to ensure that the bees were not harmed. He called beekeepers to the scene, and stayed put for three hours until the issue was resolved. According to Tom, the bees were captured in a box but later escaped and another beekeeper had to come to the scene. He finally got to leave – five stings later! Talk about a bee-zarre incident… Credit: Facebook/TomMoses

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Premiere date: March 13, 2011

In the winter of 2006, a strange phenomenon fell upon honeybee hives across the country. Without a trace, millions of bees vanished from their hives. A precious pollinator of fruits and vegetables, the disappearing bees left billions of dollars of crops at risk and threatened our food supply. The epidemic set researchers scrambling to discover why honeybees were dying in record numbers — and to stop the epidemic in its tracks before it spread further.

Silence of the Bees is the first in-depth look at the search to uncover what is killing the honeybee. The filmmakers of Bees take viewers around the world to the sites of fallen hives, to high-tech labs, where scientists race to uncover clues, and even deep inside honeybee colonies. Silence of the Bees is the story of a riveting, ongoing investigation to save honeybees from dying out. The film goes beyond the unsolved mystery to tell the story of the honeybee itself, its invaluable impact on our diets and takes a look at what’s at stake if honeybees disappear. Silence of the Bees explores the complex world of the honeybee in crisis and instills in viewers a sense of urgency to learn ways to help these extraordinary animals.

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Honey bee video flight tracking – orientation flights