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Field Trip–24 March 2014–to a Rafter Beekeeping community, for trainees from Phnom Kulen… Part of a Beekeeping Project funded by Shining Hope Foundation and implemented by Bees Unlimited, for the Archaeological and Development Foundation.

A couple of the colonies–one of which was preparing to swarm– were harvested in their entirety, due to their close proximity to some on-going slash-and-burn agriculture…

I’m a new beekeeper as of today and I just installed my second package of bees! It was starting to get cold so I was trying to go as fast as i could and not hurt any of them. I am new so anything i did wrong then forgive me. I forgot my marshmallows so I just had to release the queen into the hive.

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Bees like feeding in sunny areas. Keep bees off hummingbird feeders by moving the feeder inside a place without sun access you will get looked after the issue because the birds can have no worries moving for the new location to feed. You might place a saucer of nectar in which you previously had the feeder, which will keep the bees for the reason that location. Placing the feeder within a shady location also serves to maintain the nectar cool and decreases the fermentation process.

Just getting started with our new hive. Staining and weather proofing
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