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Michael Bush talks about Common Beekeeping Issues to Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association members and guest.

Today Allen gives us a lesson in backyard beekeeping as we peek into one of his hives and take a look at how he deals with hive beetles, incorporates feral bees, checks for a healthy queen and more. If you want to learn about beekeeping, this video is for you.

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Espen, The Golden Son Beekeeper, took a road trip to meet with a beekeeper friend of mine. He has been preparing a couple of Nuc hives for us to start our season with. Alvin, the beekeeper, was so full of information! We spent over three hours in his Apiary learning as much as we could. This video was edited down to about twenty minutes and was mostly focused on those things that Espen would need to know for installing his Nuc the next day.

The next Golden Son Beekeeping episode will be of Espen installing his Nuc all on his own. I, Daddykirbs, will take the roll of camera guy :)

Thanks for watching and thank you for your encouragement!

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Building a top bar bee have is a simple DIY project almost anyone can do for under $50. I’m excited about bee keeping. Not only will the bees help to pollinate our orchard and garden they will be very fun to watch and learn from. In part one I’ll cover how to build the main box. Part two will cover the bee hive legs, frames, and lid.
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How to harvest honey with our improved honey extraction method in this Beekeeping 101 video. Here’s a honey harvest where we use a roller to open up the cappings of the honey frames. Subscribe to our vids here:

Honey extraction with this method is much easier than using a capping knife. Watch all our beekeeping 101, aka beginning beekeeping videos here:

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We are beginning beekeepers and are documenting our first years of beekeeping. We are not experts, but learning as we go.

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