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Bees are so crucial for the humans and the food chain in particularly. With the bee population decreasing, this video is shinning some light in the beautiful world .\r
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Whether you have 1 hive or 1000 hives, there is a feeding system for you. Try not to boil sugar water mix, it will break it down, and not so good for the honey bees. Mix day before needed, and it will be mixed, and clear by then. honey bees, are on the decline, help spread our beekeeping videos to everyone you can. we are trying to educate people on installing packages, doing splits, hive inspection, queen rearing, , making honey, fighting pest like hive beetles,wax moths, and mites, controlling yellow jackets, to making their own queens, and everything pertaining to raising bees.

This video How do I ask for a raise? is from the series How To Ask For A Raise

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