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Honey Bees Embroidered Bath Towel 100 Cotton

Number of Pieces 1 Dimensions 540 L x 300 W
Includes Bath Towel
Weave Type Terry Material 100 Cotton
Care and Cleaning Machine wash warm Non chlorine bleach when needed Tumble dry normal Do not iron

Detox Your Body/ Cleanse Your Aura/Energy with a sacred ritual meditative sea salt soak, essential oils, sacred symbols, crystals, open your chakras, raise your vibration & Feel Good Now! Learn How to Prepare a detoxing, cleansing, relaxing, therapeutic, high vibration Sea Salt bath! Caroline Jalango shares how she uses meditative sea salt soaks/baths to raise her frequency, connect to intuition and open her awareness. This sacred/spiritual ritual is healing, self loving, therapeutic, stress relieving, negativity removing and raises your frequency. She uses sea salt, pure essential oils, quartz crystals, incense, candles, sacred symbols/geometry, positive intention and thoughts, chakra balancing music to create the sacred healing environment. Oh! and sea salt also cleanses your aura!!\r
Take time to love yourselves. Make the time.love is the answer. Make time to heal yourself. Detox your body, cleanse your body, cleanse your aura, remove toxins from your body and remove toxins from your energy field! Heal Your Body! Feel Good! Enjoy Life!\r
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