Here is an idea that will prevent and Eliminate Winter Losses. It Will Keep the bees fed, warm, and happy during those cold winter days.

Видео о пчеловодстве. Трейлер моего канала. Videos about beekeeping. Trailer of my channel

During a recent visit to Australia, prominent US beekeeper and author Michael Bush stopped by the Flow Hive office to school the team in installing a package.

Disclaimer: Beekeeping requires specialist skills, carries inherent dangers, and is often subject to regulation. It is your responsibility, prior to placing bees in your hive and on an ongoing basis, to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice in your area, and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for healthy, safe beekeeping. Instructional content we provide is intended as a general guide only and may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. If in doubt, seek assistance from your local authority, a professional beekeeping service or your nearest beekeeping association.


I’m a new beekeeper as of today and I just installed my second package of bees! It was starting to get cold so I was trying to go as fast as i could and not hurt any of them. I am new so anything i did wrong then forgive me. I forgot my marshmallows so I just had to release the queen into the hive.

How to create Sugar (or Candy) Boards for honeybees. These sugar boards are given to the beehives in the fall as an addtional souce of food during the cold winter months. Some refer to these lids or other styles of sugar boards as ‘bee insurance’.

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Como criar Abejas: Apicultura. Beekeeping: How to raise bees
Apicultura: Abejas

Video de apicultura en el que mostramos la introduccion de dos colmenas hechas de madera con un revestimiento metalico para protejer de la lluvia. La apicultura se dedica a como criar abejas y prestarles los cuidados necesarios para que las abejas se encuentren a gusto y puedan dedicarse sin interrupciones a elaborar y recolectar polen para obtener deliciosa miel que recogeremos al cabo de unos meses. Actualmente todo el mundo deberia tener su propio enjambre en el jardin. Parece ser que recientes estudios han concluido que las abejas desaparecen, recientes estudios demuestran que estan las abejas en extinción, o quizás los herbicidas y pesticidas esten llevando a la muerte de abejas. Porque una de las misiones de estos insectos es la polinización que realizan pacientemente sin pedir nada a cambio.

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Video beekeeping where we show the introduction of two hives made ​​of wood with a metal coating to protect from rain. Beekeeping is dedicated to how to raise bees and provide the necessary care for the bees are comfortable and can focus without interruption to develop and collect pollen for honey delicious pick after a few months. Currently everyone should have their own hive in the yard. It seems that recent studies have concluded that the bees disappear, recent studies show that bees are extinct, or perhaps herbicides and pesticides are carrying death of bees. Because one of the missions of these insects is the pollination by patiently without asking anything in return.

L’apiculture de la vidéo où on montre l’introduction de deux ruches en bois avec un revêtement en métal pour protéger de la pluie. L’apiculture est consacré à la façon d’élever les abeilles et fournir les soins nécessaires pour les abeilles sont confortables et peuvent se concentrer sans interruption pour développer et recueillir le pollen pour le miel délicieux choix au bout de quelques mois. Actuellement tout le monde devrait avoir leur propre ruche dans la cour. Il semble que des études récentes ont conclu que les abeilles disparaissent, des études récentes montrent que les abeilles ont disparu, ou peut-être les herbicides et les pesticides sont la réalisation mort des abeilles. Parce que l’une des missions de ces insectes est la pollinisation par patiemment sans rien demander en retour.

Video Imkerei, wo wir zeigen die Einführung von zwei Bienenstöcke aus Holz mit einem Metallbeschichtung aus regen zu schützen. Die Bienenzucht ist, wie Bienen zu erhöhen und die notwendige Pflege für die Bienen sind komfortabel und ohne Unterbrechung bis nach ein paar Monaten zu entwickeln und sammeln Pollen leckeren Honig für Pick Fokus gewidmet. Derzeit jeder sollte seinen eigenen Bienenstock auf dem Hof ​​zu haben. Es scheint, dass die jüngsten Studien haben ergeben, dass die Bienen verschwinden, neuere Studien zeigen, dass die Bienen ausgestorben sind, oder vielleicht Herbiziden und Pestiziden tragen Tod der Bienen. Denn eine der Aufgaben dieser Insekten ist die Bestäubung durch geduldig, ohne etwas im Gegenzug zu fragen.

Apicultura vídeo onde mostramos a introdução de duas colméias de madeira com um revestimento de metal para proteger da chuva. Apicultura é dedicado a como criar abelhas e fornecer os cuidados necessários para que as abelhas são confortáveis ​​e podem se concentrar sem interrupção para desenvolver e coletar pólen para o mel delicioso escolha depois de alguns meses. Atualmente todos devem ter a sua própria colméia no quintal. Parece que estudos recentes concluíram que as abelhas desaparecem, estudos recentes mostram que as abelhas estão extintas, ou talvez herbicidas e pesticidas estão levando a morte de abelhas. Porque uma das missões desses insetos é a polinização por pacientemente, sem pedir nada em troca.

Today, join us here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farm as we show you how we graft queens. It’s early now, and in this video I’ll show you how we can raise a few queens even though it’s still too early to raise queens the way we do in late spring and summer.

Baz’s hobbies – 13A – UK Beekeeping. May swarm arrives suddenly !!…. AMAZING

http://MOCOBees.com – With some greatly appreciated help from my nephew-in-law Mike we were able to harvest and extract 108 lbs of beautiful golden raw organic honey from two of my beehives in my backyard.