Beekeeping in Guinea (1 of 3) traditional hives


Honey bees are amazing creatures. Our videos help people learn about nature, bees and beekeeping. Please email me with questions: zaur70@hotmail.com

Perhaps motivated by a drive to prop up the bee populations decimated by colony collapse disorder, beekeeping has become popular in cities worldwide. We visit one San Francisco beekeeper who keeps her hive in a Bernal Heights backyard where she escapes once a week to check on her colony. For Alexandra Danieli, beekeeping is part meditation and part fascination with a magical world of GPS, honing pheromones and group intelligence.

Michael Bush on Treatment-Free Beekeeping – HoneyLove

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Apicoltura … in inverno 3.wmv; bienenzucht; beekeeping.


Here are 5 steps to take if you are brand new to beekeeping
1. Join a bee club
2. Get beginning bee books
3. Go to forums
4. Order equipment and bees
– buy local bees
– buy nuc
5. Talk to neighbors about beeking
Swarm Trapping book – http://www.amazon.com/Swarm-Traps-Bait-Hives-free/dp/1463739311/
A great book – Beekeeping for Dummies

The 3 Great Forums:

The 4 big beekeeping suppliers:
Mann Lake
Brushy Mountain
T Walter Kelley

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My dad Hugh Taylor Glenn has been a beekeeper since his teens. This is part 5 in our ongoing learning sessions with dad and my wife, newbie beekeeper Nikonya Godwin Glenn. Watch as Nikki and dad see our new honey production and plan to add new supers to the hive. We got our honeybees back in the early spring from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm in Moravian Falls, NC.

Beekeeping for Beginners will show you how to start your own beehive. Beekeeping is a fun and exciting hobby that’s super cheap to start.

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