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According to the David Suzuki Foundation, habitat loss is largely to blame for the trouble bees are currently facing. Building this easy bee box project will make for a space that your local pollinators will be happy to call home. (Just beware of using cedar for this project — it repels insects.)  

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This trusted handbook is a must-have for novice and seasoned beekeepers alike. Now totally redesigned and featuring color photos and graphics, the second edition also includes up-to-date information on honey bee health. The go-to reference presents comprehensive yet accessible information on everything from planning hives and installing a colony to preventing disease and managing productive hives that will bear bountiful honey harvests year after year.

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A beekeeper from West Bengal, India, has an unusual method for controlling the insects while collecting honey. Suk Mohammad Dalal claims he’s built up a tolerance to bee stings, and puts them in his mouth while he’s working.

While most people like to stay away from bees for the fear of getting stung, a man in India was seen stuffing his shirt with the insects with his bare hands.

Professional honey collector Suk Mohammad Dalal, 32, is a resident of Chandramonipur village in West Bengal, a state in eastern India.

He has been collecting honey for the last 16 years, but what makes him different from others is the way he goes about his business.

While the usual way involves applying smoke around the comb to drive away the bees, Suk Mohammad’s method is very hands on.

Though he starts off with the usual smoking, it is what follows that makes it interesting.

According to visuals from one of his many honey collecting trips, Suk was seen stuffing his mouth with honey bees. Later he repeated the same, putting the bees inside his shirt.

The man was also seen cutting a hole in the middle of the honeycomb and putting his head through, while bees buzzed all around his face. Once he is done collecting the honey, Suk lets out the bees from his shirt.

While these stunts are not only risky and can prove fatal for an ordinary human being, Suk Mohammad’s body has developed resistance towards bee sting.

Before taking up his present job, Suk worked as a doctor’s assistant in Kolkata, the state capital.

Suk said, “Since I live in a village, I would often come across honeycombs containing good amount of honey. One day while walking past, I thought what if I start collecting honey and sell them, I could easily make a living out of it. That is how it started.”

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