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Disco dancin honey bees drop dead
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Steve Backshall analyses the hunting strategy of a 30-strong swarm of hornets as they embark on a deadly mission in search of a bee colony. With forensic precision, he breaks down all the action as the hornets annihilate 30,000 bees in a battle lasting just 3 hours. Subscribe to Earth Unplugged — http://goo.gl/VK1MH

Deadliest Showdowns sees Steve Backshall present deadly animal face-offs from all across the animal kingdom. These ultimate predators will stop at nothing to capture their prey and we’ll get all the important facts and figures behind these impressive beasts.

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I would like to give a SPECIAL thank you to MICHELLE DONALDSON, who tracked down David the Bee Keeper and set this entire video up!! I visited Michelle in the hospital last month as she was getting her second stint of chemo therapy for AML LEUKEMIA and she is currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Any love and support to help her ease some of the financial strain of medical bills would go a long way. Please check out her page below. Thank you!


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Back in 2001, while young L.A. Beast was hitting golf balls into the woods at his parents house, he accidentally stepped on and crushed open a very angry and aggressive bee hive while retrieving his balls. As his mom and sister looked on from the living room window, they saw young L.A. Beast frantically swinging his golf club like a mad man, jumping up and down as he was getting stung more than 21 times by these angry critters. For the past 13 years, the L.A. BEAST has been terrified of BEES and everything BEE related and today, under the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior, he plans on CONQUERING his fear of BEES by Chugging down a GALLON OF HONEY while an entire nest of bees colonize on his face!!

Special Thank You to David Saraf (A BeeMan Services) who has been removing BEES in the Los Angeles are for the past 35 years. Please check out his link below and tell him L.A. BEAST sent you:

Special Thanks to my EMT ROOMATE for the expert medical supervision:


“Ranz De Vaches””Private reflection” “Sunshine A” “Ice Flow” “Eternal Hope” “Evening Melodrama” “Breaktime”Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Learn how to keep bees using natural, nontoxic methods, and without using any of the standard chemicals. What is the difference between honey, pollen, nectar, and bee bread? Jen Rasmussen explains how she controls small hive beetles and varroa mites in her hives. A talk from the East Side Seed Exchange, 2013, Big Island, Hawaii.

I’m a new beekeeper as of today and I just installed my second package of bees! It was starting to get cold so I was trying to go as fast as i could and not hurt any of them. I am new so anything i did wrong then forgive me. I forgot my marshmallows so I just had to release the queen into the hive.