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How to Draw a Bumblebee by HooplaKidz Doodle – Drawing Tutorial

Do Bumble Bees Sting? Read this before swatting a bumble bee: http://typesofinsects.com/do-bumble-bees-sting/

Yes, bumblebees sting! And here is what to do in case of a bee sting: http://selfhelparchive.com/what-to-put-on-a-bee-sting-first-aid-for-bee-sting/

Majority of us are not aware of what a bumblebee can do when annoyed. Some people are tempted to hit a bumblebee when they see a bee flying towards their direction. Do bumble bees sting? Watch this video first before hitting a bumble bee!

Useful link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bumblebee

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