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Michael Bush makes the case for Natural Cell (foundationless) Beekeeping to Indiana Beekeepers at Clifty Falls State Park and Nature Preserve at the IBA Fall Conference. He lays out his experience with natural cell and chemical-free beekeeping and shows how mites have been the least of his problems. At the end, he shows inspection reports showing no varroa in his colonies. It’s worth a watch!

Michael led a total of 4 discussions on a variety of topics that day. Be sure to check them all out. For more information on Michael Bush, visit http://www.bushfarms.com/bees.htm – For more information on Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association, visit http://www.indianahoney.org

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Natural Beekeeping by Michael Bush
recorded by Larry Carbaugh
Olympia, WA
Oct 25 2014.

The Practical Beekeeper http://www.bushfarms.com/bees.htm
Beekeeping Naturally

Ninth Annual Conference in Oracle, AZ.

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During a recent visit to Australia, prominent US beekeeper and author Michael Bush stopped by the Flow Hive office to school the team in installing a package.

Disclaimer: Beekeeping requires specialist skills, carries inherent dangers, and is often subject to regulation. It is your responsibility, prior to placing bees in your hive and on an ongoing basis, to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice in your area, and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for healthy, safe beekeeping. Instructional content we provide is intended as a general guide only and may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. If in doubt, seek assistance from your local authority, a professional beekeeping service or your nearest beekeeping association.