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Easiest Way to Get Honey – Flow Hive

Honey bees working hard in high nectar flow

Beekeeping: FLOW HIVE vs Traditional Hive.

Here’s the two month inspection of my Flow hive. Everything seems to be going very well. The girls are drawing out more comb. They seem to really like the foundationless frames.

This is day 33 of beekeeping. I was hoping to add a second brood box, but unfortunately it was not the right time yet.

I did a full inspection of the frames: Lots of capped brood cells. Good looking comb. Capped honey, also nectar, pollen. I found the queen and she looked very busy. There are a lot more bees in the hive than last week. An audible hum from several feet away.

Thank you for watching and all of your helpful comments!

Showing the 7 Frame FlowHive, hive body construction and design, components, frame design and thoughts on what I think is good or not? Parts were missing, joints did not fit. Next step will be observing the bees when I put this super on a strong colony in the spring of 2016. Subscribe to be certain not to miss that! Yes.. they are BOX JOINTS.. not dove tails… sorry about that.

The following is a link for those who are interested in the safety of using plastics in a bee hive, specifically these flow frames: http://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/are-the…

Where to buy the Flow Hive: http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/p/94