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Amazingly up-close footage filmed with specially developed macro lenses brings you the most intimate and most spectacular portrayal of a working bee colony ever filmed. Its not frightening- its fascinating. See things you never imagined. Hear things only bees hear. Discover new found facts about the strange and complex life of bees in Bees: Tales from the Hive.

Honey Harvesting From Natural Bee Hive Wild Honey Harvesting

Removing honey from bee hive in Prespa

bees flying from 1 location to another

Discussion about wild honey and pollen and how to purchase wild honey products to support a wild bee sanctuary. Also, check what are the process to remove bee colony from tree.

Shpigler is the best !

Tips from a guy who made it!

How to harvest honey from giant honey bee,
Harvesting honey from giant honey bee in Cambodia

This video gives an insight into the world of bee conservationist Tom Brueggan. Tom travels from site to site in the Houston, Texas, area, and offers ways to safely remove bees, without any need for extermination. Here he manages to remove a massive colony from a old trailer tire. Credit: YouTube/TomBrueggen

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In “Beekeeping For Beginners,” You’ll Discover

Using a smoker to make your bees completely calm (page 41)

What direction should your hives face? (page 35)

Who should keep bees? (page 32)

If you live north of ________, you should winter your hives
(indoors or outdoors) – here’s how (page 94)

What kind of hive should you use for your bees? (page 47)

The best trees, plants, and flowers for bees to produce as much
and as best honey as possible (page 103)

And so, so much more!

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