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helping bee colony in winter, translating food, you have to do it very carefully. Only when the bees came out of the food.

Apiary Breeder Grzegorz Pawluk
Bees’ mothers for sale.
Bees queens for sale.
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Bees. A Thank You for helping give us our food to bees.

The differences between bumblebees and honeybees

There is often confusion about the differences between bumblebees and honeybees and even some of our top media channels will publish pictures of bumblebees when they are discussing/ writing about honeybees. On this page we hope to clarify things a little.


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the ‘plight of the bumblebee’. In the last 80 years our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically.


British Beekeepers Association a dedicated team of volunteers to collect swarms in public areas. In the office we have just four members of staff, and receive up to 300 phone calls a day asking about swarms. Around 75% of these are about insects other than honey bees, so please go to our Do You Have a Swarm page to check whether the insects you need advice on are actually honey bees.


Beekeepers we get asked lots of questions about honey, listed below are some of the most popular we are asked.


International Bee Research Association

n 1949 the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) was established for the advancement of beekeeping science. As a charity/non for profit organisation for 65 years, it has maintained its position at the heart of bee science, a unique organisation that disseminates the findings of the worlds leading bee scientists.



Today we all can keep bees! Thanks to “Flowhives” that make things easier for amateurs like me. Helping bees is helping ourselves! And the reward is sweet homemade honey from the tap ! You can order your Hive TODAY! @flowhive امروز همه ميتوانيم كندوى عسل داشته باشيم. “كندوهاى روان” كار را براى تازه كارها راحت تَر كردند. كمك به زنبورها، كمك به خودمان است. جايزه هم عسل خانگى شيرين كه از شير جارى ميشود. بى هيچ زحمت. عسلِ لواسان، أصفهان، شيراز، عسل ها با طمع گلهاى ايران زمين

Honey Bee City was developed around the belief that a single urban or suburban hive can help protect honeybees from the elements that destroy hives – things like pests, diseases, and toxins.

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