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Tips on how to find the Honey Bee Queen. Do you want to keep Bees? Learn how to become a beekeeper. How to get bees. Every beekeeper wants to find the Queen. Even an old beekeepers like me.

Learn what the honey bee Queen’s eggs look like.

1. Catch a drone and familiarize yourself what a drone looks like.
Often a new beekeeper will think a drone is the queen

2. If possible, have the sun to your back

3. If possible, position yourself on one side of the hive

4. Reach across & pull up the farthest frame

5. Most likely the queen will not be on the outer frames.

6. When you pull the frame up, scan over the entire frame you are facing. If I can convey this correctly, try looking in general. Don’t try to look at each specific bee. When you look broadly, if the queen is there, your eyes will guide you to her. Your eyes will guide you to the drones as well so that is why you first studied what a drone looks like. Most likely the queen will be on a frame that has a lot of bees and of course, the more bees hinders your spotting the queen. Don’t spend too much time on each frame and after you have scanned over one side of the frame, flip it over and check the other side. After you have looked over the 1st frame, lean it up on the outside of the hive being mindful of the bees.

7. Now, you are going to pull up the next frame farthest from you. The reason you are reaching across the hive is because, when you pull up the previous frame and we’ll say the queen was on the next frame that was next to the previous frame you pulled out, then it is likely she run around to the other side where it is darker so when you pull up this frame, you will be looking at the side of the frame where she most likely will be. Some queens seem to sense your presence and may run around to the other side. If you now see the queen on the frame you are holding, turn your head for a few seconds then try to find her again. This is an excellent training exercise.

8. How I love the queens that just keep on laying while you are watching her. There are bashful queens that will promptly run to the other side and there are ” runners “.
If you have a runner, she will not be on the frames. She will be on the bottom at the rear and as soon as you see her in one back corner, she will run to the other back corner.

9. Learn what eggs look like. If your comb is very dark, that is, many cycles of brood have been raised in it, it will be shiny and you may mistake the sheen for an egg. But once you see eggs, you will know it. So it is easy to learn what a drone look like & it’s not that hard to learn what an eggs look like in the bottom of a cell. Then you on your way to finding the queen.

10. Now you’re familiar with what a drone looks like, after you 1st check each side of the frame for the queen, then look for eggs before going on to the next frame.
Once you have confirmed you have eggs, then you know you do have a queen. Laying worker is a different subject.

Here we show how to find, separate, and breed new queens to start another hive.

http://MOCOBees.com – With some greatly appreciated help from my nephew-in-law Mike we were able to harvest and extract 108 lbs of beautiful golden raw organic honey from two of my beehives in my backyard.

You’ve probably heard about the sudden and mysterious drop in honey bee populations throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. Beekeepers used to report average losses in their worker bees of about 5-10% a year, but starting around 2006, that rate jumped to about 30%. Today, many large beekeeping operations are reporting that up to 40 or 50 percent of their swarms have mysteriously disappeared. This massive die-off of honey bee populations has been dubbed colony collapse disorder, and it is a big, big deal. Find out more in today’s episode of SciShow.

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We did this last year but weren’t as well prepared. This year went much better and was much less painful. I’m claiming the world record for swarm or cluster captures. We ended up splitting some of these as we unloaded. Total ending count was 25 hives.
Just for clarification these are clusters of misplaced bees and not actual swarms. There is NO queen in these clusters.

Here is the link to the one we did last year:

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