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Sweet when the flowers are blooming
Beautifully and fast they fly

The beauty comes to share
The dance of petals
The songs of beautiful bells
The scent of romantic roses

All the honey bees fly to dance
Singing the beautiful rhymes
Sparkling like the golden light
The sky smiles to see

But when the cloud comes
No more dance of petals
The bells stop to sing
The scent of roses disappeared

They fly to go with stings
No more cheerful dance
Poisons come to spread
Leaving the Fall to end

Vidi Pudinkz


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Jeff Blackmon and I recenty had the opportunity to travel from Southeast Alabama and spend a couple of days with Greg Collins in the North Georgia mountains and the Murphy, North Carolina area.

In this video Greg goes through his aggressive 3-deep Russian hive and talks about the bees and a little bit about the his philosophy regarding the 3-deep system. He also has a little fun with the aggressive nature of these bees.

Hope you enjoy the video!

This tree was being cut down when they noticed Honey Bees inside. I was called in to safely remove and relocate the bees.