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晚上睡不著 太多煩惱
沒有預告 怎麼解決掉?

所謂的煩惱 沒有大不了

Hey Yeah~ 駁通心跳

Be a Honey 孝順父母好
I’m your honey 尊敬師長好
Be a Honey 勤奮用功好
I’m your honey 愛爸媽到終老

春眠不覺曉 炎夏快到
沒有預告 時間消失了

珍惜每一秒 沒有徒勞
若運用得好 青春在燃燒

Hey Yeah~ 駁通心跳

Be a Honey 稍息立正好
I’m your Honey 愛實行環保
Be a Honey 要面帶微笑
I’m your Honey 當一個乖寶寶

一生中 甚麼最重要?
誰用愛 用心照料?
不要等 後悔了才尋找

Be a Honey 孝順父母好
I’m your honey 尊敬師長好
Be a Honey 勤奮用功好
I’m your honey 愛爸媽到終老

Be a Honey 稍息立正好 (我很乖)
I’m your honey 愛實行環保 (我更乖)
Be a Honey 要面帶微笑 (我最乖)
I’m your honey 我一定做得到

Scott Foresman READING STREET, Grade 1, Unit 2, Page 178.


Ten days back I showed the wild bees on our neighbour’s house – some giant honey bees, apis dorsata:

Now, they had filled their honey stock – time to get it harvested. When I arrived at the scene, half of the comb was already removed, only the core part containing the honey (it is the part of the comb directly under the rock or wall, where the comb hangs) was still there.

Well, what to say about the honey hunting process – You can see it here with Your own eyes, how it happened 😉

I thought always Apis dorsata bees are very dangerous, attacking everybody close to their comb … but this honey hunter and his kids did not even wear any protecting clothes, they simply took the bees with their pure hands … and we others were simply standing there, with open mouth, and all these wild bees everywhere around – but absolutely nothing happened to us.

Finally, the house owner got some kgs of honey for free, and the rest of the honey was carried away by the honey hunter, except some kgs which he sold already there on the road to some neighbours (at a rate of 360 Rs/kg).

Edit: The honey hunter came again to our place here in Bangalore, and since I was asked to share his contact details: his name is Mr. Lalith, mob 9686553392


Die Bienen am Nachbarhaus haben ihre Waben gefüllt, Zeit für die Ernte – das wird hier honey hunting genannt, also Honigjagd. Wie so etwas mitten in einer 10-Millionenstadt funktioniert, sieht man hier – ich kam leider etwas zu spät mit meiner Kamera, nur der Kern der Wabe war noch dort, als ich ankam.

Ich dachte ja immer, Apis dorsata, die Asiatische Riesenhonigbiene, sei extrem aggressiv und würde jeden attackieren, der auch nur in die Nähe des Bienenstocks kommt … aber der Honigjäger und seine Kinder haben die Bienen, wie man sehen kann, mit den bloßen Händen zur Seite geschubst, und der Mann hatte zwischendurch sogar noch Zeit und Nerven zum Telefonieren …

Der Hausbesitzer hat ein oder zwei Kilo vom Großstadt-Honig bekommen, den Rest hat der Honigjäger mitgenommen – abzüglich einiger Kilos, die gleich vor Ort frisch von der Wabe an die Nachbarn verkauft wurden.

How to harvest honey with our improved honey extraction method in this Beekeeping 101 video. Here’s a honey harvest where we use a roller to open up the cappings of the honey frames. Subscribe to our vids here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=erochow

Honey extraction with this method is much easier than using a capping knife. Watch all our beekeeping 101, aka beginning beekeeping videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNO8Q6etRqk&list=PLB57601EDC866947A

Buy the roller tool here: http://amzn.to/1gbJvgE

We are beginning beekeepers and are documenting our first years of beekeeping. We are not experts, but learning as we go.

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We have just finished our first honey harvest. In total we got 76 jars with an average weight of 355g. Not bad for a first year that started with a package of bees at the end of April!

I know I can’t be objective but this honey tastes so good! This first batch is for gifts and personal use, I use a lot since my drink of choice is a loaded teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water. Next year when I get 3 hives up and running I might try my hand selling some. 😀

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