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Honey bees are one of the most well-known, popular and economically beneficial insects. For thousands of years, man has plundered honey bee colonies to get honey, bee larvae and beeswax. Now, honey bees are commonly kept in artificial hives throughout the United States. Although many people make a living from bees, most beekeepers are hobbyists who have only a few hives and who simply enjoy working with these fascinating insects.
oney bees are the only insects that produce food humans can eat. The most common of the honey bees is one that is found within Europe and Africa known as the Apis Mellifera Linnaeus honey bee. This type of honey bee is so popular and so good at making honey that it is now distributed worldwide. It was first introduced to other countries like America as early as the 1600’s by English and Spanish settlers. It became even more popular from 1859 to the early 1900’s when beekeepers began to actively import this type of honey bee.
Honey bees in general are extremely important to the world as a whole. They are crucial pollinators in urban, natural and agricultural landscapes. Together they pollinate about 130 different types of fruit, vegetables, nut and fibre crops as well as ornamental crops. They not only improve the crop yield but allow for almost $15 billion dollars of profit worldwide in these particular areas. Hundreds of millions more are generated through the sale of hive products such as pollen, wax, honey, royal jelly and venom.