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Harvesting queen cells and Queen rearing, an important beekeeping skill

This video is meant to serve as a guide for those interested in catching wild bumble bee queens and rearing their own colonies. Dr. Kim Skyrm outlines all of the steps for this process, including: how to catch a wild queen, how to house the queen, and what to feed the queen.

How to Video on raising Queen cells

Today, join us here at Long Lane Honey Bee Farm as we show you how we graft queens. It’s early now, and in this video I’ll show you how we can raise a few queens even though it’s still too early to raise queens the way we do in late spring and summer.

This is a very simple way to raise your own queen honey bees. Some people have trouble seeing the eggs to do grafting this is an alternative. Read my blog article about cell punch and grafting here.

Cell punch kit available at:http://honeycomb-hill-beekeeping.blogspot.com/p/bee-store.html

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Caging A Queen Bee

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