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Beekeeping Supplies – Deluxe Beekeeping Start Kit – Perfect For Making Honey

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California drought stings bees, honey supplies

Bec’s Beehive is a hobby beekeeping supplies store, servicing beekeepers all over Australia https://www.becsbeehive.com.au/ Buy beekeeping equipment and gear at our online store or visit us on Friday to pick up your orders. We also have educational courses and workshops geared for beginner beekeepers. These workshops are highly useful for anyone who is just starting this wonderful hobby.
Located in Melbourne, Bec’s Beehive attracts local Australian beekeepers who get together to learn and get better at beekeeping.

Honey is disappearing because of the drought. Were putting out new episodes Monday-Sunday, so please tune in daily and subscribe! Download the new .\r
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Californias record drought hasnt been sweet to honeybees, and its creating a sticky situation for beekeepers and honey buyers. The state is traditionally one of .\r
Yeah they are gone. they are native from here, but that doesnt mean they arent deadly. Thank God they are gone.

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