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Some of the Eno Commons bees left their hive with a new queen, perhaps looking for a new Durham NC cohousing community in which to live. One of our intrepid beekeepers captured the swarm and introduced it to an empty hive.

Honey Bee Swarm, how to recover a swarm and return the workers to the original hive


Keeping honey bees. We remove queen cells after swarm

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Sorry bout the sudden ending, my phone ran out of recording space.
This is a swarm of honey bees leaving the hive, and airborne then to a limb. Beekeepers please pass along video, Beekeeping 101 at Barnyard Bees.

How to get the Bee- Swarm into the Box

Catching a swarm of honey bees

Swarm of honey bees leaving one of our hives last May

A short video explaining my farming method on bee swarm simulator – a Roblox game. Why struggle chasing after tokens all over the field? With this method, you …

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Swarm trapping is another aspect to free bees that entails catching that runaway swarm even when I m not around and in places I can t always be. I ve had my share of experiences where the swarm departed for some unknown destination, and then I ve wondered about the swarms that come out of bee trees in remote areas where no human being was able to discover them and call me. And what about the swarms that people find but they don t know who to call? Eventually those swarms will leave for a hollow tree or somebody s garden shed. How can I get those swarms I don t even know about? Then I began to think about creating some kind of a temporary location that would attract the scout bees so I wouldn t necessarily have to be present to retrieve the swarm, or if I arrived a minute too late, how I might still catch that swarm by setting a trap over the hill or in various locations around the community? Think about it. You get a swarm call. The swarm has left the hive and is clustered on a rose bush in someone s yard. There s a scared and nervous homeowner who wants the bees removed right now. The scout bees are out looking for a new location which they can call home. The scout bees are searching diligently as you ask some simple questions over the phone about how high the swarm is and how long they ve been there. You get organized and start to drive to the swarm site. As you drive to the swarm location, the scout bees begin to narrow down their criteria for the best site. You hit a red light at the intersection. The swarm cluster begins to unwind and take off. You pull over for a funeral procession on the highway. The swarm cluster flies away to a tree about a half mile from the swarm site and they begin to fill the knot hole in a hollow tree, unbeknownst to anyone in the neighborhood. No one has seen them enter that old tree. You pull up to the swarm site. The nervous homeowner, still in a state of shock as he witnessed the unwinding swarm, mutely points to the few stranglers