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Firefighters used a flamethrower to clear thousands of bees in a resident’s kitchen in central China’s Zhengzhou city on August 31.

The video shows a large number of bees swarming in the sink as well as on the window ledge in a resident’s kitchen.

Firefighters used fire to spray the bees to try to clear them.

According to reports, the bees flew into the kitchen through a hole in the wall.

It took around three minutes for the bees to be cleared.

BEEKEEPING: Tiny SWARM of BEES….Just Turned Up.

These bees took a break from their busy honey making day to grab a sip of water from the fountain during the heatwave.

The clip, filmed July 17 in North Carolina, shows the moment the bees swarm around the fountain desperate to get a drink to combat the hot weather.

“Even bees need a drink of water on a hot summer day. This swarm of bees lined up to take a sip of water from a garden fountain during a heatwave,” the filmer known as ‘Didismom’ told Newsflare.

Swarm of bees start to envelope wall of a garden in St Andrews

Some of the Eno Commons bees left their hive with a new queen, perhaps looking for a new Durham NC cohousing community in which to live. One of our intrepid beekeepers captured the swarm and introduced it to an empty hive.

Honey Bee Swarm, how to recover a swarm and return the workers to the original hive


Keeping honey bees. We remove queen cells after swarm

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Sorry bout the sudden ending, my phone ran out of recording space.
This is a swarm of honey bees leaving the hive, and airborne then to a limb. Beekeepers please pass along video, Beekeeping 101 at Barnyard Bees.

How to get the Bee- Swarm into the Box