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Natural Beekeeping | Intro to Catching Wild Swarms (Vlog)

It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my bees arrived and I’m doing a quick hive check before we get some bad weather. The check will include replenishing sugar syrup, observing comb building, spotting queen or signs of eggs, and expanding the hive with an additional brood box.

Welcome to my first year of keeping bees, where I plan to learn everything I can about raising pollinators and maybe get some honey in the process.

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A few weeks ago I went up onto the edible green roof and released the queen from her cagewith a brand new package of bees from New Zealand. Today -3 weeks later I check in to see how she is performing.

Watch my vlog to see how to check the signs

http://www.sengadesigns.com/ We are now in the wet, cold winter. My first attempt to overwinter my bees from New Zealand that I hived earlier this spring. See how I did it step by step using my bee hives on my edible green roof

Senga shows you how to release your queen bee from her cage into the bee hive. A few days ago I hived my new package of bees from New Zealand. Today is the day I release the queen from her cage – watch how I did it without losing my queen.

Did my 3 week hive check. Looks like I have a pretty good queen in this hive. Pretty solid brood pattern.

I’m a new beekeeper as of today and I just installed my second package of bees! It was starting to get cold so I was trying to go as fast as i could and not hurt any of them. I am new so anything i did wrong then forgive me. I forgot my marshmallows so I just had to release the queen into the hive.