Beginners Guide to Beekeeping

Some specific principles need to be known when starting out on a honey bee keeping project either as a hobby or business. These principles will help you get maximum profits from your projects.

The principles of how to be a beekeeper are structured around the bees themselves.

1. The first critical point in your project in choosing the bees, research has to be done on the different type of bees and the right type of bees good for your area.

The easy way of doing this is to ask the local beekeepers in your region. They can tell you through their experience which type is right for you.

2. The hive is the place where you will put your bees and honey is formed there as well. The type of bees determine which hive you should choose, the area you live, the amount of time you are willing to invest and your budget.

Generally bee hives are made from specific types of wood like cedar wood and pine wood; both of these types have a distinct smell, especially cedar wood which can impact the aroma in the honey. to choose the hive type depends on your experience on beekeeping, beginner beekeepers may choose a hive that need less maintenance although it costs more.

3. Your hives location is very important; away from drafts or in a open area is the right place. It should be near green fields so the bees could find flowers to get the nectar.

If the hives are located between plantations then you must make sure that the plant insecticides used in the area will not harm your bees.

Truly, there are many parts to educating and training a beekeeper, and what you will want to look at in one is the kind of dedication and seriousness needed for this type of lifestyle.

A lot of people learned beekeeping through the ranks of great grandparents, grandparents, and parents and it's just a family tradition and way of life that's taught to children. Honey may have started out as a simple chore to do on the farm, but it eventually became something that was as marketable as crop products, dairy and meat.

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