Need Information on How to Keep Bees

When North America was introduced to honey bees by early European immigrants. People begin to raise them domestically and are prized not only for their honey but also for the wax they produce.

The reason why honey bees are valuable is, because they account for about 80% of our food pollination. Bees are very important for our food supply.

The importance of backyard beekeepers in keeping the bee population going should never be under estimated. Raising bees is very exciting and rewarding and needs just a little of your time.

Most hobby apiarists can expect to spend approximately 2 to 3 hours per hive per month on their beekeeping efforts. The month of June is the most busiest for beekeeping and 4 to 5 hours is the norm then.

But before you start on beekeeping be sure to check with your state for any licensing requirements. Some states require an inexpensive permit for you to get started.

When you are just starting out as a beekeeper - or apiarist - there are some basic equipment you will need. First thing you need is a hive, some beekeeping gear, a smoker, and those bees.

Before you get your equipment get a good beginners beekeeping guide and sign up for some beekeeping forums to start learning about your new hobby. This way when you go to set up your hive you will be ready.

When it comes to the bees themselves a lot of new beekeepers get amazed to know that while a queen can live for several years worker bees live for about six weeks during the active season of the summer and in the winter about four to nine months.

Bees live in a very structured type of society. Each bee has a distinct role within the hive.

Beekeeping is a perfect hobby for those with limited time. Honey bees are self sufficient and maintaining a hive and harvesting honey is fun and rewarding. Get started in successful beekeeping by getting your own copy of beekeeping for beginners.....

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