Guide To Making Honey

Making HoneyIf you truly want to get the best experience in making honey, you will need a few basic beekeeper supplies.

Below is a listing of the ordinarily used items to help get you started on your way.

A Smoker: This is an indispensable item on the beekeeper supplies list. Smokers are used to calm the bees in order to make it safe for the beekeeper to tend to the hive.

You will have to ensure you learn how to utilize this tool properly as you can harm the bees if you apply too much smoke.

A Hive Tool: This tool is usually used to pry the inner lid off of the hive, in addition to split up and clean the frames once inside.

Some beekeepers decide to purchase this tool later on in the beekeeping process, but it is invariably a handy tool to have free.

Protective Clothing: This family of beekeeper supplies can be quite expensive, so you ought to take a while and discover what items you truly need.

You ought to only wear light (white or khaki) pants, shirts, and socks, as bees tend to be highly attracted to dark clothing. You should likewise ensure you have your pants tucked into your socks, and your shirt buttoned up tightly.

A Bee Veil: Any beekeeper will let you know, you must absolutely have a bee veil. This piece of protective equipment keeps bees from flying into your face, eyes, ears, nose, and hair, therefore greatly reducing the risk of stings.


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