Guide To Buying A Beekeeping Suit

Guide To Buying A Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping is a challenging hobby and business, but it arrives with one major downside - bee stingers. Bee stingers not only hurt, but contain venom, so it is important to make use of a beekeeper suit that is good quality and will stop you from getting stung (at least as much as possible).

You need to have these three things in a beekeeper suit to keep you safe.

#1. It is significant that the suit be light colored & smooth.

The reason for this is simple, bees are attracted to the bright colors in flowers.

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The light colors also stop you from looking like a predator to the bee. Natural predators, which bees defend vigorously against, are animals like bears and skunks. So the light, smooth suit will stop you from looking like an enemy.

#2. Your suit needs to have a veil and wide brimmed hat.

The most agonizing part of your body to get stung is your neck and face. This sensitive area looks the worst with a bee sting and will also react the worst. A beekeeping veil and wide brimmed hat will safeguard you from bee stings.

#3. Mitts

This is most essential for a beginner beekeeper. More skillful beekeepers often learn how to handle the hives without getting stung much on their hands, and discover that gloves actually make their job more challenging. But, if you are a beginning beekeeper ensure your beekeeper suit has gloves to safeguard your hands as you are getting started.

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Following these three rules of thumb will keep you safe as you work purchase your first beekeepers suit.

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